Another place to go to indulge yourself on a weekend brunch. American diner style menu, pretty cozy place and really good service, really attentive. Foods-the waitress actually recommend me the Coffee-Rubbed burger, but since it's available on most Goods Cafe, i thought i should try The Goods Diner exclusives Ricottq Honey Strawberry Pancake-Fluffy fluffy pancake, comes with 3 stacks, strawberry compote is nice, it's not too sweet Homemade Corned Beef Hash-actually the texture is quite nice, eggs were cooked nicely, but a bit too bland. Im guessing there is a reason ass why salt and pepper are available on the table. Cinnamon Banana Nut Crunch French Toast-has a really good crust, not the creamiest, but that is where the creme anglaise compliments it.