Placing Your Order

The first thing you need to do before placing an order is to browse around in our website to find what you want and add it to your shopping bag by clicking Add to Cart. If you’re happy and satisfied with what you have picked you can click Check Out to proceed to your payment, if you wish to review your order you can do so after you check out. It is important that you should sign up with us in order to complete your order.

We only process your orders during business days. For holidays, please be aware that your orders will be processed on next business day



Customers will need to log in to before completing their order. If you have not logged in / signed in to our website, you will need to fill in the sign-up form at check out before completing your purchase.  


Our payment methods are:


Payment by Bank Transfer

If you chose to pay by bank transfer, you will have 24 hours to complete the payment process.

After you have made the transfer, you will need to come back to our site and click the Confirm Payment Button.  

An automatic payment reminder will be emailed to you 12 hours after your order is made. If you already transferred and confirmed your payment, just ignore that email

Your order will be processed and shipped after the payment is verified by our team (verification is usually completed in 1 working day)

*Please Note: If you do not confirm the payment on our website, your order will automatically be cancelled 24 hours after check out.


Payment by Credit Card

For our customer’s convenience, purchases can be made using Visa or MasterCard.

Please follow these steps to make your payment using a Credit Card,


• After successfully completing your purchase, chose Payment by Credit Card and fill in the following information: 

1. Name of the cardholder and Billing Address

2. Type of Credit card used

3. CCV number of the Visa or MasterCard


• When order is placed successfully at the payment page, there will an approval of the online transaction.

• Customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions by checking the “I Accept” box prior to purchase.

• By completing the payment by credit card, the customer agrees to have their card debited for the total amount of the purchase.

• After submitting your payment, you will need to click "Continue to complete process" button on the right corner, in order for us to process your order

• The Goods Department has the right to decline the transaction if the bank does not approve the credit card.