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  • Since its establishment in 2010 in Bandung, Junkard Company has become one of the main reference boots in Indonesia. To achieve this predicate is not easy, because we must first be forged with various obstacles and exams. Thanks to God, as it turns out, all the obstacles and trials we pass through make us more mature and innovative again, especially in producing quality products boots are comfortable to wear, exclusive, and high quality.

  • Another key to success that makes Junkard Company products acceptable to the national market is our ability to respond to the challenges of the dynamic and fast-paced world of men's fashion. In fact, capital loyalty to the philosophy to combine traditional and modern elements, among others marked by the whole production process using the hands of skilled artisans, genuine leather, solid stitching, and of course, the types of boots adapted to modern lifestyles and male masculinity, we are ready to reach the wider market, the international market.