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Hijack Sandals started couple of years ago by bunch of cool blokes that didnt have cool job then. Like all great projects ever started was, the moment of clarity came by at most unlikely time and unlikely places. While people was buzzing about the renaissance of a cool traditional leather boots, all of their heads were fiiled by how to counter the wave, did so by designing and producing paws-covering leather that was formerly known as sandals.

Unlike any others staple on fashion statements, sandals categorize in such complex manners, most of them started with the genre, fashion, or style in mind that unique and tricky at the same time. Here and there you might want something that oozes vintage greek-style sandals, or sometimes we were thinking about how mexican huarache will suit our beach days effortlessly. Such cool ideas about sandals is neglected on some corner by local brands, its something really cool but Its like no one yet ever explore it on regular basis.

The hijack sandals are products of no less than four different core aspects. Namely ergonomic, traditional craftmanship, comfort, and modern aesthetics. Although many of us might assume that such an affair might end up looking like a poster child for design committee, its turned out to be quite opposite. Hijack sandals represent our basic principles rather quite righteously. It has the comfort and squeeze like marshmallow on feet, as for the design itself surely it resembles timeless classics that will compliment the right fashion pieces.